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Olive Oil + Original Pack

Olive Oil + Original Pack

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Create the ultimate flavor combination with Borsari’s first-cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil and Borsari’s Original Seasoning. Pair the rich taste of our Spanish olive oil with a pure sea salt infused with fresh basil, rosemary, garlic and balanced with ground pepper and nutmeg. Use this flavorful pairing for meats, poultry, vegetables, salads, and sauces. 

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Borsari Olive Oil: This first pressed olive oil is produced in the traditional method. The olive pressing process is gentle to ensure smoothness of texture and depth and purity of taste. Borsari olive oil is cold pressed, extra virgin, free of additives or preservatives and free of allergens.

Borsari Original Seasoning: Borsari’s Original Seasoning combines pure sea salt with fresh herbs, garlic and selected spices. Slowly cured over a period of days, this incredible seasoning is rich in flavor and aroma. Its versatility in cooking cannot be overstated. Use it on meats, poultry, vegetables, salads and sauces.

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