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Olive Oil + Cracked Pepper Pack

Olive Oil + Cracked Pepper Pack

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Deepen your seasoning profile with the combination of Borsari’s first-cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil and Borsari’s Cracked Pepper Seasoning. Pair the rich taste of our Spanish olive oil with a seasoning blend that includes several varieties of black pepper, garlic, sea salt, red pepper flake, and cumin seed. This flavorful spice blend enhances the overall taste experience and works well in unison with other flavors of Borsari Seasoned Salts. 

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Borsari Olive Oil: This first pressed olive oil is produced in the traditional method. The olive pressing process is gentle to ensure smoothness of texture and depth and purity of taste. Borsari olive oil is cold pressed, extra virgin, free of additives or preservatives and free of allergens.

Borsari Cracked Pepper: Borsari’s Cracked Pepper is a flavorful blend of several varieties of black pepper balanced with spices, garlic and a touch of sea salt. Perfect on burgers and steaks, but equally well suited to tossed salads, baked potatoes, eggs, stews and soups or sweet potato fries. When you want the boldness of pepper, Borsari’s Cracked Pepper gives you that and so much more.

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