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Grilling 3 Stack - Original, Cracked Pepper & Coffee

Grilling 3 Stack - Original, Cracked Pepper & Coffee

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Borsari's new Grilling Three Stack takes all the guesswork out of choosing our best grilling seasonings and combines them into a single product offering that will keep you grilling with an incredible flavor all summer long. This item includes Borsari Original, Borsari Cracked Pepper, and Borsari Coffee Seasoning, the three seasonings we know to be the best flavors for grilled steak, chicken, pork, vegetables, and more. Whatever you choose to grill or smoke this season will only taste better with the addition of one, or more, of Borsari's small-batch artisan seasoned salts. This combination of flavors is perfect for the grill or smoker. While they taste great used individually, these seasonings pair nicely to create unique flavor profiles on your next grilled entree. 


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Borsari Original Seasoning is pure sea salt that is infused with fresh basil, rosemary, and garlic and balanced with ground pepper and nutmeg. The Original Seasoning is crafted in small batches and slowly cured after an age-old Bolognese recipe. Use the Original Seasoning for meats, poultry, vegetables, salads, and sauces. It works perfectly for sautéing, roasting, pan-frying, and grilling.

Borsari Cracked Pepper is a flavorful blend of several varieties of black pepper balanced with spices, garlic, and a touch of sea salt. Perfect on burgers and steaks, but equally well suited to tossed salads, baked potatoes, eggs, stews, and soups or sweet potato fries. When you want the boldness of pepper, Borsari Cracked Pepper gives you that and so much more.

Borsari Coffee Seasoning Rub is a distinctive blend of coffee, cacao, pepper, aromatic spices, Borsari Original Seasoning, and garlic. This well-balanced product is a go-to seasoning when the palate desires that subtle but unmistakable taste of coffee or simply a different flavor profile. Great on steaks, chicken, salmon, shrimp, ribs, squash, corn, bacon, carrots, peaches, pears, vanilla ice cream, and chili con carne. As you can easily see, the uses are endless.

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