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Bloody Mary Mix

Bloody Mary Mix

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A truly unique mix that’s not thick and syrupy, but is refreshingly light and zesty, and blended with a perfect combination of ingredients. Top your Bloody Mary with some Borsari Original Seasoning to truly maximize the flavor in your next cocktail. Borsari Bloody Mary mix elevates this classic cocktail recipe by combining fresh juices, horseradish, and a premium blend of spices.
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To Serve: Combine 4 parts Borsari Bloody Mary mix with 1 part vodka (or spirit of your choice) in a tall glass with plenty of ice. Stir to combine ingredients. Garnish the cocktail with a celery stick, lemon wedge, olives, cured meats, or other favorite snack items. For added flavor, rim your glass with Borsari Bloody Mary Rimmer and top with Borsari Original Seasoning.

Additional Information

Ingredients: Tomato juice, corn syrup, non-fat milk solids, orange juice, lemon juice, lime juice, cayenne pepper, vinegar, salt, garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce, prepared horseradish, maltic acid, sodium and potassium benzoate, yellow 5 & 6.

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